Hennock International Ltd
Energy systems
Buffer tank installation
Biomass boiler
CHP with gas cleaning for CO2
Energy is at the heart of most industries, and agriculture and horticulture offer unique potential. We have worked with biomass and fossil fuel based systems for many years, and developed novel solutions in many sectors. We are proud to have worked with Guy & Wright Ltd over many years, UK growers who are probably the first carbon neutral greenhouse growers with a conventional site that doesn't have waste heat available from an industrial source. We undertake RHI accreditation for our RHI based projects.
Anaerobic digestor design
Wood chip and log biomass boilers, including steam systems and peeler waste from sawmills
Straw biomass boilers
Oil, gas and coal boilers
CHP - spark ingnition and gas turbine
Developing waste fuel heat exchangers in conjunction with local fabricators in Nigeria, burning palm kernel shells and cashew shells
Combination absorbtion cooling from waste heat
Process Integration technology
Heat recovery from drying systems

Our experience and capablities include the following: